This morning I was thrilled to "Twinterview" (interview via Twitter) Laura Rae Amos, the multi-talented author of Exactly Where They'd Fall!

In addition to being a blogger, web-fiction writer, poet, and photographer, Laura is an extremely nice person and a talented player of a little thing called Mad Libs : )

So check out my Twinterview with Laura below and the game of Mad Libs that she totally rocked!

This is the Mad Libs Story:

                                                                        The Things We Already Have

Sometimes the things we want are simply smooth.

By smooth, I mean, that they are already ours.

This is something I learned from my best friend James.

You see, fifteen months ago, I was hit with a sudden realization of screwdriver spitting proportions.

I realized that by hiding the way I really felt about James, I was doing nothing but floundering under the fast thing we call hand.

This made me feel like a coward...and if there is anything I refuse to become, it's a coward.

So, the next day, I put on my best fuchsia striped knee socks (the ones with tiny cutouts of cute little horses all along the edges) and, feeling as beautiful as Hugh Jackman, I marched to the RV James lives in.

Before they both died, James' parents were the best birthday party clowns in town, so he's pretty well off and his RV is the fanciest on the street.

Unfortunately, while I was walking, a fishy shovel slithered into my path and to make a long story short, I ended up in the hospital with an IV drip full of Tums running through my bouncy veins.

So, the guy I was in love with still had no idea how I felt about him and I was beginning to feel pretty hopeless when James ate his way into my hospital room with a gift wrapped chair tucked under his arm and a spicy smile on his perfect face.

That's when I realized James wasn't the clueless one, I was!

He already loved me...I'd had him all along.

So, check out Exactly Where They'd Fall, a novel by Laura Rae Amos!

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