Earlier today I was listening to the Smash Soundtrack and when I heard Katherine McPhee sing “Beautiful”, for the first time in my life, I actually understood the lyrics.

While Christina Aguilera is gifted with a gorgeous voice, I can’t lie and say I understand even 10% of what she’s singing when she belts out her lyrics with that awesome Whitney Houston-ish range.  So, with the help of Katherine McPhee’s version of “Beautiful” I finally realized how touching that song’s lyrics are.

For example, these lines struck me:

No Matter What We Do

No Matter What We Say

We’re The Song Inside The Tune
Full of Beautiful Mistakes…


What I take away from the lyrics above is that everything about our existence is beautiful. There may be certain things about ourselves that we don’t like, perhaps a personality flaw that we seem to have been born with, or a past experience that hangs over our head and tarnishes the way we react to certain situations, or maybe we don’t like the way we look… in any case, while it’s true that we do have flaws our potential often far outweighs any (imagined or real) deficiency.

How so?

Flaws can, not only be corrected but, teach us to be even better than we would have been had we lacked them in the first place. Was that a confusing sentence? Lol! An example of what I mean is this… let’s say a sixteen year old guy named Barry has a tendency to stutter. Barry’s stuttering embarrasses him and he hates it, sometimes he gets so frustrated with himself that it leads to depression. But, eventually Barry realizes that there may be a way for him to work through his tendency to stutter and after a couple of years (as well as a lot of hard work), he not only overcomes stuttering, but because of his focused attention to the how-to’s of public-speaking, etc… Barry ends up becoming an impressive speaker, more polished than most of his peers.

It’s not that he’s more “beautiful” after mastering speech, than he was before.

He was beautiful the whole time, but what he did with his potential, the way he took what he considered “a flaw” about some aspect of himself and molded it into something new, is what added to his beauty.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by our own imperfections, so overwhelmed that we lose sight of our own potential.  But the potential is there, and though we may not realize it, we’re bursting at the seams with it!

Life is about exploring the world around us as well as the world that makes us who we are, self-discovery. We have to find that unique thing inside of us, the gift that can be used to inspire others. Each one of us is gifted in a different way. Some people were born listners who give the best advice you’ve ever heard, others were born to write, some know how to get the most Fiona Apple-ish type of person to crack a smile, the list goes on and on…you have it, I have it, maybe we don’t know what our gift is yet…but discovering it is part of what makes life a beautiful adventure.  

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