Ever been making your way through a particularly horrid day when suddenly, in the midst of your misery, you see a puppy?

I don't mean an imaginary puppy that no one else sees, because then this blog would be headed in a more "When It's Time To See A Doctor" direction.  But seriously, a real puppy.

Puppies have this great way of making life more like life and less like a tiring battle for survival.
Being around animals somehow makes us more human.

Its true that just about every living thing on our planet is involved in a daily struggle for survival. Birds go through all sorts of rigamarole to find enough food to feed their young.  Insects ferociously fend off other insects, fly swatters, and territorial humans just for the twenty-four to forty-eight hours of existence they've been granted.  So, life is a fight. But what makes life worth fighting for?

The person who has ever spent a significant amount of time playing with a puppy, petting a kitten, or even  staring into a golden sunset (while their pet fish stares at them wondering when on earth they're going to be fed) is not a sappy person, but they're someone who knows exactly what makes life worth fighting for.

Let's all adopt a puppy now. http://www.aspca.org/adoption/

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