Fear, like pain, is often unpleasant and sometimes necessary.

Fear of pain prevents me from punching a wall when I'm upset (well...usually) and fear of hurting someone I love stops me from saying words that could possibly hurt their feelings.

But, too much fear, I'm beginning to realize, is not a good thing.

For example, it takes a certain amount of courage to give a project your best shot.

Giving a goal my best is not something that I often do.

To clarify, I'm not a slacker.

I often think I'm giving something my best, when really what I'm doing is shrugging and smiling as I, seemingly careless, skip down the path towards my goal and chant in a sing-song voice, " I have no idea what I'm doing, look at me...tra la la! This is so much fun!!"

I put on the careless air of "that completely inept but nice girl" because I'm afraid that if people see just how serious and passionate I am about what I'm doing, they'll expect too much from me and in the end my results will fall flat and give them nothing but disappointment.

But, failing to give an important goal the attention and effort that it deserves is tantamount to depriving oneself of happiness.

Happiness comes from many places, and one of those places is the happy little part of our brain that lights up, when we look, with pride, at the end result of a project we've given our best shot.

From now on, I'm going to work from my heart.

I will not allow unnecessary fear to block me from strolling the endless path called "Personal Growth".
For a while now, I think I've been at a stand still, looking over my shoulder and worrying that I haven't walked as far as I should have by now.

But, the path we walk is an endless journey. So, it really doesn't matter that we might be a little slower than others, or that we may be a bit clumsy and fall down a lot. What really matters, is that we keep moving and enjoy the scenery as we go.

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