Napoleon Dynamite is probably one of the most absolutely ridiculous yet beloved fictional characters from the big screen.

As we are introduced to sixteen year old Napoleon, the first thing we notice is that he hasn’t quite mastered the skill of breathing with his mouth closed. Eventually, we also realize that Napoleon suffers from an embarrassingly overactive imagination, looks like he has a bad perm and…well, he has a pet llama named Tina. Need we say more?

Even so, he’s just awesome! I think what we love about Napoleon is that he is 100% genuine (even when he’s obviously lying by making up stories about ligers).

If he wants to dance, he dances; if he feels the need to run away from a situation, he runs like a maniac.

This weird kid is unafraid when it comes to being who he is and that is what makes him attractive.

Instead of scrolling through that eight bazillion paged list of things we wish we could change about who we are, we ought to take a lesson from a sweaty, blond-haired kid who looks like he had a bad perm – we’ve got to rock the brilliantly nerdy/diva-like/shy or hilariously random people we are!  

  …and if that’s really hard, then I guess we'll just have to create a character who reflects the person we are on the inside and write stories about him/her because when people read the stories and fall in love with the main character it’ll be nice to know that they’re actually falling in love with you : )

So Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite “geeky” characters, who’s yours?


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