Having an overactive imagination is sort of like having big, curly hair.

While it’s fun to play with and nice when other people comment about how unique it is …it’s still really hard to subdue!

As mentioned in other posts, I can literally spend a few days staring into space daydreaming. That’s nice and what not but this becomes a problem when I’m trying to write.

Sometimes, I will get so excited about a story I’m working on that I’ll pause to think about a few possible subplots or what’s going to happen next and before you know it I’ve played out the entire story in my head. Once the story’s been completed (completed in my head that is) I’m done with it and I can’t convince myself to write it because…it’s old news, I’m done!

Even as I’m typing this, I realize that what I’ve just said sounds a little crazy. But for some reason, that’s the way my short attention span and I function.  So, what is the solution? It is this: I simply cannot sit around thinking about my story (or even sit down to outline a plot because just outlining somehow becomes a two-three hour session of me staring into my computer screen as I fantasize about all of the fun characters and plots taking shape in my head) ...I simply need to write.

So the key to getting the first draft of my manuscript done is to... WRITE!

Even if this involves me turning off my phone and locking myself in a room for a few days, skipping a meal or two here and there (which, believe me, is not going to kill me) and writing until it’s done.

It sounds drastic, but I love this whole crazy process of writing...and the end result (a story to share with others) isn't so bad either : )

Any thoughts, ideas or comments?

Do any other writers out there have this same "problem" with daydreaming instead of writing?

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your reading this!

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