Decisions...decisions. Lately I've come to the realization that I know where I want to be in my writing career but I'm not quite sure how to get there. The basic WBEA path is simple: Write your book, Build your platform, Edit your manuscript, and then Advertise your book. Clean, easy, and doable.
However, it's the "sneaky" little decisions in between the big steps that leave me staring into space wishing I had some sort of a Life Coach or a Literary Agent...or just a giant piece of cheesecake on which to nibble whilst I attempt to make a decision.

For example, what I want to do right now is create a website specifically for YA readers, a website that will appeal to girls and young women who will want to read my books. I'm a fairly creative person, I mean I daydream constantly and come up with fantastic knock-knock jokes that make three year olds that's plenty creative in my opinion. (Yeah, I know...) So, creating a website that would attract the attention of someone like me should be a cinch, right? Nope. It is not. I need to think of a site that will attract the attention of potential readers and will be easy for me to maintain.

The idea of Your Verve, a site that's chalk full of stories (both YA and regular Chick Lit) as well as a few short films and maybe even a series is fun and I really like it- but lately I've had trouble posting one to two stories weekly. And as far as the films, film takes so much time to create/edit and perfect.

Hmmm, wait a writing this, I realize that my issue boils down to Time Management. In order to successfully accomplish Step 2: Build a Platform, what I personally need to work on is my Time Management. I do know what kind of website I want- I want this one. But, I need to figure out a schedule that will allow me more time to work on using it to it's potential. Wow, that was a nice epiphany! Building A Platform/Fan-Base requires patience and good Time Management. As soon as I'm done with this post, I'm going to work on a Writing Schedule to help me post stories/short films more frequently! But enough about me, what have you found helpful in managing to successfully build your platform?

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