You know those days when you're stuck in traffic, and you're feeling, not terrible, but a bit in need of comfort and you start thinking, "Hmm...today would be a great day to re-watch my favorite movie."

Do you ever have moments like that?

I have a lot of them...I love movies because they bring together so many different avenues of storytelling.

First of all, the music tells a story. I love how composers use sounds the way writers use words- their music draws us into the main character's emotions by helping us to feel what they feel. Music, in itself, is a beautiful way of sharing a story.

The cinematography too uses lighting and camera angles to give us, not only a straight visual of the story's action, but clues into reoccurring themes and added insight into the character's emotions.

The actors too, are storytellers who after convincing us that they're the main character, sort of hold our hand through the story-telling process.

So, anyways blabbady blah aside, because I love escaping the utter yuckiness of reality, I like stories. Therefore, I love the the way the cinema brings together so many wonderful ways of sharing a story.

I've got a ton of favorite movies and most of them are Spielbergish (because I love his romantic optimism) but there are other movies that I like and I don't really know why...

These other movies may not be so great in the cinematography department and some of the actors may be the most convincing, but I've fallen in love and I can't get out.

So, I think my favorite movie is Anne of Green Gables, it trumps Hugo (which I love), The Tree of Life (sigh...so beautiful), Titanic (yeah, I'm a dork, I love that movie too), Spanglish (Adam Sandler at his best!), and even the 8 billion hour long version of Pride and Prejudice (which I absolutely adore).

It's old and some of it's a bit cheesy, but I will always love Anne of Green Gables.

What about you?

Your all time favorite movie that you can watch again and again is (...drum roll!...) ...?

Let me know what it is and what you love about it, maybe I can add it to my "need to watch list"!

12/19/2012 01:09:34 pm

Awesome topic! I love movies so much! <3

Oooh, Hugo was amazing! A great story too, but it was just lovely to look at. Gorgeous film making there! I loved it. And I agree with you about the music. When I'm writing, I always like to imagine what songs would be in my soundtrack if my book was a movie, lol!

Some of my favorites are quite old too. For those that have inspired me, a few come to mind: When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride, Forrest Gump, The Man in the Moon, and I can never watch It's a Wonderful Life too many times. :)

12/26/2012 11:47:52 pm

Yeah! I noticed that in your book you had a list of suggested music to listen to while reading- that was such a good idea (and I loved all of the songs)! I've never seen The Man in the Moon- hm...I'll have to check that one out! Thanks for stopping by Laura!


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