November 8, 2011

Patience is just great because, for one, it's a good way to avoid absolute insanity.

And less dramatically, it also helps us steer clear of rash decisions.

I was thinking about patience yesterday because the marketing of Finding Stories in The Rain is lagging a bit.

I feel like I'm five steps behind and it's making me anxious.

But, why am I anxious?

This is my book and I can take as long as I want with it!

Thats the cool thing about self-publishing. The only deadlines are the ones you create.
So, note to self: Calm down and be patient!

Interestingly, if I had been more patient while editing the final copy of my manuscript, there would have been ZERO typos. Instead, I rushed through the manuscript because I wanted to meet a "deadline" and as a result, Finding Stories in The Rain unfortunately has a few typos.

In conclusion, I've learned that patience is an essential quality for any artist/craftsman/human.

Next time I'll do my best to edit with patience!

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