Are you more like Elizabeth Bennett, Anne of Green Gables, or the Chocolate Factory building genius, Willy Wonka?

You know that friend who tends to blurt out exactly what you’ve been thinking?

How do you feel when your friend does that?

It makes me feel really, really happy when that happens.  

I like it when someone “gets” my personality/opinions, because I feel less like a weirdo who no one relates to and more like a validated human being.

That's how I felt after I took the "(Jung )Myers-Briggs" personality test.

The test gives you some basic information about your core personality and then offers explanations as to why you may think and react in certain ways.  

The first time I took this test, I confess that it left me in tears (tears of relief, not sadness) because sometimes I feel like no one understands me.  But after taking the test I quickly came to the conclusion that I’m not a freak show…I’m just…well, I’m a twenty-first century version of Anne of Green Gables.

What am I talking about? Trust me, you’ll understand after you take the test : )

The personality test is here:

Enjoy!  And if want to throw a “Yay! I’m-Not-A-Weirdo-After-All-party!!” let me know and I’ll bring the dip.

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