Paula Reflects On The Past Two Weeks

Last week, I found out that due to totally bombing a job interview, I was rejected by a company that I really admire.

 For one reason or another (or, more likely, for numerous reasons!) I simply didn’t make the cut.

The next week things started looking up; a literary agent expressed interest in one of my manuscripts!

Yay!!.... Right?


Shortly thereafter, I was rejected again.

Every time I screw up a big opportunity, I'm left dazed and hurt, feeling as though I’ve been punched in the face.

First, there's the numbing pain followed by a state of shock during which I agonize over every possible reason why I've just been punched in the face.

In other words, being rejected is no fun at all!

But the good thing about being rejected is that it lets us come face to face with the ground.

As unpleasant as it may sound, there is something to be said for the shock of the trip as you stumble, the feeling of losing control as you fall, and that moment of coming face to face with cold cement.

Once we fall, we realize that falling isn’t so bad.


We see things from a different perspective when we’re on the ground, and then we find our bearings and we stand.


Last night I was with a friend who was showing me pictures from her awesome tree-climbing adventures in Quebec. She said that as her group made their way through the trees, they were tied to a rope with a hook. This rope and hook would prevent potentially serious injuries from occurring should any of the climbers fall.


But, the thing is, before they started climbing the trees, the guide had each of them practice falling.

This way, they’d realize that falling (with the hooks safely in place) isn’t so bad and they’d be less afraid to fall as they made their way through the heights of the trees.

What an excellent analogy for life!

Sometimes we have to practice falling, failing, being rejected, and feeling like we’re not good enough and then we learn from what happened and we allow ourselves to be picked up.

Knowing what it's like to fall makes standing so much better.

So, while rejection isn’t the greatest feeling in the world, I love the increased perspective and experience that it offers.

What have you learned from losing? Please share, I need some encouragement!!

Thanks : )

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