A YA writer’s confession …  July 18, 2012

Last week, I was editing a wedding and started getting really sleepy. So, I decided to switch over to www.hulu.com and briefly watch something funny to help me wake up and get back to editing.

There was Hell’s Kitchen.

Nah, I thought, decidedly scrolling past it, Too reality-showish.

There was The Real Housewives of Orange County.

No, no, no and…N to the O.

Then, I saw it for the first time. Jane By Design.

I know, it’s an ABC Family show so it’s a little, shall we say, cuteish. But… I …LOVE IT!

I can’t believe I somehow missed this until recently! First of all, I adore Ugly Betty-like shows about girls (and guys) who start off as the underdogs of their community and then roll up their sleeves to make their dreams happen! We need shows like this because, at heart, most of us feel like underdogs. Most of us get kicked around by life kind of a lot and on top of dealing with the roller-coaster ride that’s life, there’s dealing with the types who’ll listen to you shyly talk about your dreams and then frown as they say, “ Well, that’s unrealistic. Maybe you should try living in the real world…with, like, the rest of us.” Yeah, having to repeatedly hear that kind of negativity is painful. But the antidote is the positive message offered in funny little shows like Jane by Design (Especially, when those lovely little shows feature Rowley Dennis. That helps too. Sigh…  ).

After every episode of JBD I’m re-inspired to keep writing my YA stories because you know what? We all start off as underdogs, we just have to keep dreaming and keep honing our skills! (I hate that word honing, but it is important to “hone”. So, “hone” away we shall! Ugh…I still hate that word) If we keep it up, before we know it, we just might experience this moment …  

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