This week on Wednesday, I didn't post anything because I was busy writing a story! Yay!! felt so good to just sit in front of my computer and write, write, write!

I hate that Hurricane Isaac was devastating to so many people in south Louisiana, but for some reason my family and I didn't lose power. This means that I basically had three days off from work to stay at home and do what I love most- write!

While I was trying to develop a main character for my hurricane story I started thinking about how similar writing is to acting.
I love watching The Actors Studio where actors discuss how they develop characters and then portray these characters in film and theater. Watching that show is teaching me a lot about writing. I'm learning that the various processes actors use to get in character are similar to the methods writers use to develop their characters.

When I'm writing about a character, I pretty much become that person. If I get to a part in the story where the character is crying, I'm usually crying (or at least a little teary-eyed), and when I get to an action-packed part of the story where the main character is frantic, well, let's just say that anyone who happens to pass me while I'm writing probably thinks I'm either having a seizure and need medical attention or ...just a little weird.

So, writing and acting seem very similar arts and it makes me wonder about what it is that attracts actors to acting and writers to writing?

Is it that we just like the art of story telling?

If so, why does the process of story telling make us so happy?

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