Lately, I've made it a goal to write from the perspective of a character who says what's on her mind.

I'd begun to habitually write from the perspective of the unrealistic "Miss Nicey Nice" who is shy, awkward, and has no idea just how beautiful she really is etc... you know that character, yeah, it's the skinny blonde in every Disney movie.

But, we all know that the above mentioned personality-type is quite rare in real life (I only have one friend like that and even she has an "i hate everyone, bahhh!!" day every now and then).

So, I was writing away with this goal in mind as I created "Drew In High School" and also started another story called "Beauty and The Beast" where the beast is feminine... and all of a sudden I'm noticing that my own personality is gradually changing!

Now, of course I realize that lack of sleep, health, and other factors contribute to a crummy mood but... seriously?! I'm normally always trying to think the best of people and la de dah....but all of a sudden I'm walking through the halls of my day job looking at everyone I happen to pass and making snarky Joan Rivers-like comments about them (mentally, not out loud because I'm not brave like Drew ).

It's terrible! Never before have I rolled my eyes so often or been as viciously sarcastic as I am right now. Argh!

Now I know how Alec Baldwin feels.

No...on second thought, I take that back.

I doubt that anyone knows how Alec Baldwin feels, including Alec Baldwin. Poor guy. With him, it's got to be more than a passing mood swing. But anyway... In the end, Cinderella's evil step mother wasn't the one who lived happily ever after, and I'm not looking forward to ending up like her.
So, my plan is to come up with a new storyline that will involve my, once again, writing through the eyes of an awkward Princess Nicey-Nice character! Does this happen to you? Do you find yourself thinking like the very characters you're writing about?

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