Ever watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

If so, you've undoubtedly seen these women enjoy what they call a "spa day".
Massages, facials, soothing music, it looks like heaven ....

Some of us may not be able to afford such an expense, so we concoct our own versions of the "spa day".

Here's my version:

I borrow my friend's car and I take it through Benny's $3 car wash.

That's right.

Stop laughing.


This wasn't meant to be a joke.I'm serious.

I may not be able to fork over the bucks for a great massage (or my own car), but I will happily part with $3  in exchange for a car wash. 

Once that vehicle is under those soapy suds of water, I turn whatever Coldplay  song I'm listening to up, take a deep breath, and relax as I watch the water rhythmically move across the windshield. 

This car wash,  a short thirty seconds to one minute, is my little piece of heaven.

Kind of sad?


OK, maybe it is a little sad.

But one good thing about not having much (in the way of finances) is that it gives you the opportunity to appreciate the little things in life that you might otherwise take for granted.

Of course, it's probably more convenient to be super rich and still appreciate the little things...but whatever!  You get my point.

So, what's your version of a "spa day"?

The quirkier the better!

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